under use of data is a common challenge facing organisations aiming to make the best decisions they can possibly make.

the best operational, strategic and investment decisions need a solid basis in the market and reality they are being made in.

we specialise in helping you diagnose current restraints that are holding you back. it could be that your data is siloed in so many different systems and departments that it impossible to see the big picture. it could be that data is aggregated within departments at such a level that strategic decision makers lose sight of the details and impacts their decisions are having.

from organisational structure and culture to systems analysis and communication strategies we can help you streamline your processes and maximise value


a key component of our iterative approach is to use simple off the shelf technologies to build simple proof of concept models and prototypes.

instead of designing complex and expensive systems on paper, we like to take advantage of a range of Software as a Service technologies to help you build models to better understand your needs and requirements. this means you can build, test and change your system until you are happy with it.

once we have a deep working understanding of your needs and requirements, we can help you use your prototype to find and brief in a full enterprise level solution.


we have experience in delivering a wide range of training topics including:

  • field based data collection
  • form and survey design
  • spatial data analysis
  • building narratives using data to inform strategic decision making
  • data visualisation and communication
  • sourcing alternative datasets including:
    • demographic and population data
    • basic services and utilities
    • using research data for commercial decision making
    • social media content